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Joseba Andoni

Joseba Andoni was born on July, 9 2005 in the Basque Country coastal town of Bakio. When Joseba Andoni was merely 11 months old he had an near-drowning accident in a pool. When he was rescued from the water Joseba was found unconscious, with labial cyanosis and loss of body temperature.

As a result of this accident, Joseba Andoni’s cognitive development suffered a regression in his psychological and motor skills. At the age of two he suffered the first episode of 8 consecutive convulsions. The doctors informed his mother Eneritz Larrazabal that Joseba Andoni would never walk or talk again.

Ms. Larrazabal began tirelessly searching for treatments and therapy with specialists and neurologists throughout Europe including France, Germany and Sevilla, Spain. All of the specialists agreed that Joseba Andoni has brain cell damage and they recommended a hospital in Miami, Florida. At this time, Miami Children’s Hospital was sponsoring therapy for children up to 8 years old with neurological conditions like Joseba Andoni’s. The Larrazabal family moved to Miami in 2007 with the hope that the occupational and physical therapy at the Miami Childrens hospital would aid Joseba Andoni’s recovery. When Joseba Andoni turned 8, in July of 2013, the program sponsored by the Miami Children’s Hospital ceased all treatments. Below you’ll find Joseba’s Miami Dade Public School report:

Joseba Andoni Larrazabal Miami Dade Public Schools Pyscho-educational Evaluation.pdf

Andoni is currently awaiting a diagnosis in May but it appears he has Lennox syndrome

Thank you for all of your support,

The Larrazabal Family

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Fundraiser Committee

For purposes of transparency through the fundraising process a committee of three current Euskaletxea of Miami members have been appointed including: Martina Gomez, Amaia Garmendia and Boni Guenetxea. Questions regarding the fundraiser can be directed to any of the committee members.

Para efectos de transparencia el comite del fund raiser de Joseba Andoni estara formado por tres miembros: Martina Gomez, Amaia Garmendia y Boni Guenetxea (todos miembros del Euskaletxea de Miami) Cualquier pregunta puede ser dirigida al comité através del website.